We have a stable, efficient and user-minded professional team, insist on original design, always take the customer's target needs as the core of design, find the best entry point for design through full market research, and separate the collective wisdom and creativity of the design team into products Inject vitality and use it with strong market competitiveness and brand value; the product has won many domestic and foreign design awards such as the German Red Dot, IF, IDEA, Red Star Award, Golden Point Award.

R & D Skills

Ineo established a professional R & D team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, appearance designers, tooling engineer, product managers, project managers, etc. We have the manufacturing strength for research and seeking new technologies. Become a company with a technical reserve, develop thousands of products such as USB storage, USB hub, Charging Hub, , HDD protector, Speakers, Headphones, consumer electronics products , Computer accessories, and Audio accessories, etc.