We have been focusing on the development and production of USB peripheral products for 9 years, including but not limited to USB storage, USB data transmission, USB charger, USB wiring board, USB small appliances and other creative products .

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Whole industry chain factories

ineo provides a total solution for product development, production assembling, and marketing promotions in the industry of computer peripherals. We are able to fulfill clientele requirements immediately, practically, and promptly. Traditional services became lacking which is not enough for the rapidly changing market nowadays, but fortunately we have always provided the market with innovative products by professionally designing and experiencing from cooperation of various leading enterprises which have lead us to own numerous resources and large market share in the world.


“Product First” always a core concept for ineo and wanting to add innovative elements into products giving a fresh experience to every consumer with simple and stylish designs, instead of copying ordinary designs from others. And people may question why ineo is capable of being an important partner for those leading corporations because by managing the decent and subtle strategies with deep relationships in the whole industry chain while creating competitive merchandise.





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ineo has a complete industrial chain layout from design to R&D to manufacturing, logistics and transportation to the final market.

2 weeks of R&D      1 week of delivery      and MOQ of 1pcs



Unique “231” supply mode


Quarterly sales peak-free estimation
flexible stocking

New flexible replenishment mode

Forecast order/open sales data
rolling stocking mode.

According to sales of the first three months
automatically starts the fourth month of stocking